Curatorial Projects

23-26 June 2020: Curatorial Workshop | Bucharest Biennale, “handfuls thrown into air and scattered over earth”.

2017: School of the Damned In Birmingham, Multiple Venues (Grand Union, Centrala, Recent Activity, Modern Clay, Ikon Gallery, Vivid Projects, BCU) I curated the school coming to the city with workshops led by Lara Ratnaraja, Cathy Wade, Lucy Lopez, Luis-Manuel Garcia, Cheryl Jones, and Modern Clay amongst many others. Food with performance artist and chef Albert Smith and parties with DJ’s were organised along with all of the accommodation for the participants. The school attempts to operate without money.

2017: Merz Barn, Windermere, School Of The Damned Residency, ‘Space, Image, Exile’ Co-curated a week of activities, performances, artist talks, food organisation and participatory pedagogy workshops ( in collaboration with Natasha Cox).

2016: International Curators Workshop hosted by Vessel, Bari, Italia, (curatorial research residency).

2014: Sentinel, Jaywalking In Marina City, I organised and crowd funded and curated a group exhibition, working with a Birmingham based property developer who donated the space to showcase emerging artists (over two exhibitions), enabling the formation of new work by 7 artists in a group show context loosely looking at the transformative nature of art and design within and upon public space.

2013: AGORA, 11 days of artistic and curatorial experimentation ‘market testing’ ideas in Tooting Market, over 40 participants including designers, artists, writers, filmmakers, curators and Musicians collaborating during each day of the Project. Each day a different group met in the centre of the market and a series of discussions took place led by a new curator each day before the days projects were carried out and documented. The accumulation of which saw the launch of the ‘AGORA PUBLICATION‘ @ UNORTHABOX on the 24th March.