Title: Composite Place (A Sculptural score) 2017

Designed with our collaborator Keith Dodds. A limited amount of 250 copies of this map were launched at the 2017 Coventry Biennial. It is an aesthetic tool by which we organized walking events and mapping conversations with performances over skype and a continued engagement with the aesthetics of collaboration, conversation and time through walking and sharing space in the city.

Here is a short text for the launch event where we walked the 'score'

'6th of October 7pm: Composite Place (A Sculptural Score) To experience the built environment is to enter into a collage that shifts across time, a space in which one can envision the future, past and present. Existing within this structure of the city are spaces that are transitional, that mark a division. As an outcome of their residency Repeator will lead a walk that traverses zones present across Coventry. Leaving the CET building at 7pm the walk will rejoin the Biennale opening evening at Fargo Village for approximately 8.15pm.'