WEB Dodds, Price, Wade WE LIke, Be Festival 2015 Photo 16 C Wade (10).jpg WEB Dodds, Price, Wade WE LIke, Be Festival 2015 Photo 16 C Wade (14).jpg WEB Dodds, Price, Wade WE LIke, Be Festival 2015 Photo 16 C Wade (13).jpg Shot 2016-01-31 at 22_19_23.png


In our post-internet age democracy becomes a status update, free choice in a rigid system, the profound indifference that shines out when we smile.

Like; Reply; Reblog; put a cross (x) and add a comment. Click, select, curate. These are the basic requirements of the 21st century citizen and failure to take part marks us out for attention. Our actions validate outcomes that have already been decided, in which our input is not required. What we say is not important, the only requisite is our participation. Participation in exactly what, is never entirely clear. The information produced by our digital movements marks us in relation to ideologies and commodities, creating an advertorial newsreel that plays us our lives. We express surprise at events and outcomes which contradict the truths we have consumed through our carefully curated feed. Our elected representatives resign with a recommendation to check out a new band. Buddy emails from multinationals bring us our gas bills. Mobile phone providers offer a supportive punch on the shoulder when delivering our balance (nice one). How do we know what sucks and what doesn’t when the sole potential for engagement is reduced to an affirmation?

Keith Dodds | Laurence Price | Cathy Wade bring their collective working process to inhabit BE 2015 to engage the spirit of democracy in our present age. In all truly collaborative work, the significance and aura of an individual practice is put to work as part of a structure, one that can be recast both collectively and autonomously. For BE Festival WE LIKE will be adapted in the space throughout the week, with printed works layered, video content adapted on monitors and the sound modulated. The work will be questioned, reviewed and eradicated. WE LIKE will run live for a short moment each day, further transforming and adapting the installation to reflect questions about massed participation and behaviour in both digital and physical environments.The collective has previously worked together in 2014 on the project |Repeator| they come from different backgrounds of graphic design, time based media and cross disciplinary practices respectively.

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