Published Texts

Repeator, Composite Place (A Sculptural Score), Living Maps Review, No 6, Spring Issue, 2019, ISSN: 2398-0338.

Two Monuments a Manifesto and a Memorial, RE:SEARCH publication, The University of Gothenburg, 2019. (A collaborative publication by the 2019 cohort of Akademin Valand’s MFA Fri Konst department. As well as a contributor with Simon Fageus and Matilda Franzen, I was an editor and also worked as a copy editor.) ISBN: 978-91-985465-0-7.

Agora Publication 2013, Self Published, Designed By Elle Donlon, Edited by Laurence Price and Oscar Cass-Darweish


2019: ‘Du sköna nya glömda värld’, Av Johannes Björk, KunstKritik.

2019: ‘Valands examensutställningar’, Av Olle Niklasson, OM Konst.

2017: ‘We Like: Keith Dodds, Laurence Price and Cathy Wade’, Anneka French, this is tomorrow.